About Me


Hello there,

My name is Emily Warwick and I was born in 1993.  I have just finished my 2nd year studying Graphic Design at The Cambridge School of Art.
I like all things creative and with this blog, I will show you my bit by bit process I take to create when designing and making my work.

The bit by bit process can range from sketches, to work that inspires me, making mock ups and so on, but I am very passionate about photography and carry a camera at all times (because you never know what you will see around), so most imagery will come from my own photographs

(My full name is Emily Laura Warwick, Laura being my middle name, but I have decided to use Emily Laura as my designer name because, even though there is a town, university and castle that has the same spelling as my surname, many people cannot spell or say my surname right, so to stop any confusion, I have stuck to Emily Laura).

Please visit and take a look around my website at http://cargocollective.com/emilylaura

and please visit my Instagram http://instagram.com/ewarwickk


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