Final Major Project – Cycling Campaign

I have now entered the final phase of my third year at CSA and its not too long till I join the big wide world of work!

For the last bit of the journey, I am currently undertaking my final major project for my course, Graphic Design. I was encouraged to take on a topic that I am passionate about and feel that there is a real purpose in designing for it. So taking this into account, I have decided to take on a topic that it very current and is becoming more of an influence in people’s lives. I am going to tackle the subject of cyclist behaviour.


Over the years, I have been commuting to Cambridge to go to uni (which is famous for its number of cyclists), and I have witnessed incredibly unsafe behaviour as well as physically being run over twice by unsafe cyclists. I am not saying that all cyclists are like this, as most cyclists have good behaviour and respect for both pedestrians and motorists. But recently, there has been a big increase in incidents and deaths, causing a debate between motorists and cyclist.

When it comes to campaigns, I have seen plenty of design work aimed at telling pedestrians and motorists how to behaviour and respect people around you, but I have noticed that there is no real campaigns aiming towards how cyclists could behave. So I have decided to take on the idea of designing a campaign to raise the awareness of cycling etiquette. As this topic is quite sensitive, I in no way don’t want it to seem like I’m pointing the finger at cyclists, I really want it to be light-hearted – which I hope in the end will have a much more powerful and effective result. At the end of the day, I am both a car user and pedestrian and I would like to see a harmony on the roads were everyone respects one another.

I am looking forward to see how this project pans out and I hope to update my blog with my progress with the project. If you feel that you have any information I could benefit from and or even tell me how you feel about the behaviour of cyclists, I am more than happy and please feel free to let me know!

Wish me luck!


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