One cloudy night…

Last night I found myself not being able to sleep and this was mainly because I had this glaring light beaming on my face as I was trying to sleep. Thinking it was a neighbour who hadn’t turned their lights off, I lifted my blinds to find the culprit, however, I found that I was greeted with a very different scene.

The moon was big and bright, and with it being a cloudy night, the moon highlighted every cloud in the sky which I could see for miles around from my bedroom window! I really wanted to capture the unusualness and beauty of the night sky, so I grabbed my camera and took a few shots trying to do the sky justice. The photos came out much better than I anticipated and they come off like a surreal world! The long exposure allowed the light to really shine and make the night sky look as bright as the day sky.

I hope you enjoy the shots I managed to take as much as I do!







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