D&AD Student Awards Uni Project – V&A Hoarding

Its been quite a while since my last post, it has certainly been quite a hectic few weeks due to me entering the D&AD student awards for 2013. My uni encouraged to take one of the briefs on for our portfolio. So I decided to take on the V&A brief where I has to propose a design for a piece of hoarding that would surround the V&A museum while under construction for their new developments.

They wanted us to look at the culture of Exhibition Road and Albertopolis which is when I went for a trip to South Kensington (in a previous post) and through much research and brain storming…I came up with a proposal in doing the hoarding in the style of a Where’s Wally theme. So I began to look at what goes into making a Where’s Wally picture such a challenge to find the items…




The conclusion was to make the image very detailed so there is something going on in every space of the image and then fill it to the max with people. So then I started to sketch out the structure and look of my hoarding…


I decided I wanted to include a lot of aspects from the museum galleries so they could be quite recognisable to the public that visit. With the detail, I have included a few big artefacts that can be found in the museum and placed them so they cover most areas of the design. All that is left it drawing the people…


Now…all that was left was putting it all together and adding in the most important bit…colour!


And there is it…the finished look of part of the hoarding. As well as making it physically interactive, I have also made sure it can link to social networking. People could win a prize when finding the hidden artefacts, as I placed a QR code on the images, where the public would scan it and win a prize from the scan.


I really had a lot of fun doing this, it gave me a chance to go back to my childhood where I would go through books and books of Where’s Wally, keeping me busy for hours and I feel the look and theme would really reach out to children and even parents by going back to their childhood too!

The research behind this project as well was a lot of fun, being able to go round the music and look around South Kensington and actually look deeper into its past, I definitely learnt a few things along the way!

So…..can you find the missing artefacts?

Screen Shot 2013-03-22 at 22.16.55


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