Fitzwilliam Calligraphy Exhibition


As I study in Cambridge, I have really easy access to a number of galleries and museums that offer interesting exhibitions and collections, and one I have visited very recently was at the Fitzwilliam Gallery to look at a current exhibition on Calligraphy.

I will admit, at first I thought “oh god its going to be a really dull and wordy explanation about calligraphy and it’s history” because being the typical youth that I am, I get quite easily bored of that, but I was honestly pleasantly surprised by this exhibition.

It contained a number of variations of what calligraphy is, which really opened my eyes to what is considered calligraphy. My typical opinion of calligraphy is the old english literature style where everything is precise and aligned (shown in the example below)….


…but this exhibition gave me the opportunity to look at examples by artists such as Jila Peacock, Lin Kerr, Denis Brown, Hermann Zapf, Jan Pickett, Patricia Lovett, Ann Hechle and many more. They used such variety from colour, style, materials, layout, it really is inspiring and it has got me thinking on how I could incorporate calligraphy into my design work.

Here are a view examples of work that really caught my attention and are inspiring.


(Calligraphy Examples by Jila Peacock)



(Calligraphy Examples by Hermann Zapf)



(Calligraphy Examples by Denis Brown)



(Calligraphy Examples by Ann Hechle)



(Calligraphy Examples by Sally Mae Joseph)



(Calligraphy Examples by Katharina Pieper)




(Calligraphy Examples by Jan Pickett)



(Calligraphy Example by Jean Larcher)


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