Year 1 Uni sketchbook (typography)

This development of typography never went further than being in the sketchbook, but I just liked the way the research and development became an example.

For a project, we had to find sign’s that had ‘its so bad that its good’ typography and make it into a typeface, while in the middle of research and gathering examples, I came across an idea of using the Abbey Road signs and walls that collect all sorts of typography from people writing all over the place.Image

So from this, I drew out main letters in the style of the actual Abbey Road sign, and (sad enough as it is that I didn’t just go crazy and just go with the flow) pencilled out graffiti to go around the letters  Image

So it resulted in a rather colourful and crazy experiment, but it ended here because this would have to be made into a typeface and it just would work at all, there would be no flow in a sentence and it would just look a mess. But it was fun putting my research into a development. Image


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