Year 1 Uni ‘sketchbook’ (marketing campaign)

Words, words words. I like taking lots and lots of notes and ideas down, more than I probably do sketching out ideas as then I can actually understand what I’m trying to say and get across writing it down! These pages consist of different ideas, accompanied by a few sketches, merging from one to another, each being developed on from the last.
This research was for creating a type of marketing campaign (either viral, ambient or guerrilla) that highlights issues surrounding youth culture.

(The neat freak has comes out)

Below shows the beginning of putting an idea together. Looking at relationship abuse (yes, I know, very cheerful subject) it began by pointing out areas that could be used to express a campaign, so through my research, I discovered most abuse incidents are caused by alcohol, so this led to look at drink coasters for pubs and linking abuse through silhouette or reactive coasters. Image

Below was a ‘mock up’ experiment showing how the coasters would work when a drink is placed on them, demonstrating that the reaction would make the image look like it had got hit (but as I didn’t have temperature colour changing liquid on me at that point in time, I had to place a computer generated reaction instead).   Image

Personally, I felt I wasn’t doing the idea justice by coming up with crappy ‘mock up’, so I decided to start again and take a different approach by looking into young homeless people. So through new images, research and visiting estate agents, I brain-stormed new ideas for a new guerrilla marketing campaign Image

Over development and designs, I created 3 different versions of estate agent ‘for sale’ signs and they would be placed in areas that homeless people would be found (land tips, behind buildings, alleyways, road sides etc). Each sign would use words that would not be associated with buying houses so this would differentiate the campaign from real signs. I built each sign and went on a trip around dumps, behind buildings and alleyways and positioned the signs where they could be seen by the public to help give an idea how they would stand out. Image


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