Year 1 Uni sketchbook (environmental text)

This was my favourite project for the first year. We had to create 3 images using words or a small sentences, from a selection of texts (such as books like The Lost World by Arthur Conan Doyle, The Naked Civil Servant by Quentin Crisp and other texts like Hit me baby one more time by Britney Spears) we had to create our chosen words without using typical pen on paper. So we could use any material to create our words.

I started off by scanning each of the provided texts and selecting words and sentences that interest me and divided them into 3. Image

I began to experiment with different ways to create the words (letter sweets came in very handy!) Would the words be made out of materials or would they be made from light?Image

I decided materials were more interesting. So began the massive experimentation with different materials. One material in particular I got very enthusiastic about was food! From bread, to pasta to biscuits, I experimented with the lot.  Image

From the experimentation, biscuits came out on top so it was down to how I would produce my chosen words in biscuit form. (I decided to go for The Lost World text and picked out ‘My Mouth Was Full Of His Beard’). I decided to use a variety of ‘biscuit forms’ like muffins and cakes, so each image looks different.Image

 After making my words, it was down to how I was going to lay them out for the images. It was time for a massive photo shoot. From disgustingly horrible plates, to a laid out table I wanted the biscuits to be a ‘natural’ setting (where biscuits would be found).Image

 And this was the final outcome to the whole project. I went for the disgustingly horrible plates. (who wouldn’t!)Image


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