And so the Process begins!

Its all very well showing a finished design/product and saying “Ta Da!”. It makes the design/product much more interesting when the background story of how the design came about it is demonstrated. A background story could be how sketches developed for the design, how other design work, objects, architecture, textures colours influenced your work or just the whole personal learning progress got you from A to B.

This is my blog to show you my background stories. Showing how I take on projects and brief, either from uni, competitions, personal work or a live client, showing my own personal learning and experimenting with materials and programs that I am not 100% familiar with, but hey, thats all part of the learning process! 

I love researching! I cannot express how much I love researching when given new work to do. Researching to me is the back bone of any story of a finished design. So through this blog, research will play a fundamental key.

Sketchbooks and photography play a huge part of my research and planning as well, so these images will be shared throughout this blog too. 




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